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Hayfa & Kyle


So this is where it all started. It was a pretty cold night but it was hot as hell in the basement of the Skulls House. We were only back at school for a couple weeks and I was still feeling the hurt from my most recent break up.

There wasn't much reason for me to be there really. The guy running the keg kept handing me drinks and I kept on taking them. There wasn't much else I wanted to do.

Then you walked in.

I recognized you from ISR and the few times we talked on the side. I came up to you and we talked a little bit. I gave you a hug, but I didn't know how big of a hug you wanted. You called my hug "weak" and then I gave you a better one.

You went off and talked to someone you knew and I kind of followed you around hoping you would come talk to me.

For some crazy reason, you decided to hang around with me that night.

What happened later that night?--->

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