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Hayfa & Kyle


After the food, we all came back to my room and just kind of hung out. Dan was playing guitar, you and I were sitting on my bed requesting songs, and Wayne...well he was being Wayne. We watched "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle" and then everyone left my room except for you and me.

I always wondered why you stayed in my room that night. Weren't you worried I would try to put the moves on you or try to get into your pants?

You did stay the whole night however and we talked and talked until you fell asleep with me rubbing your back. You probably dont remember falling asleep but there was about 5-10 minutes when you just laid there and I rubbed you. I never felt more comfortbale in my life.

You woke up soon afterwards and we then sat with our feet on the heater and watched the sun come up until I had to leave.

Later that night we talked on the phone for 3 hours. It was the best phone converstaion I ever had.

ISR then became our home--->

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